Grouse & Ale and the Lane End Players

The Grouse has long been a fan of these brilliant village thespians and long may it last. On theatre nights we offer a great value 2 course meal available for theatre goers from 6-7pm on show nights.

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The next performance

Their next show is mid to late October (Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October) and is not one to miss!

Booking is essential!

Please call us on 01494 88 22 99 to make a booking or use the form below.


  • If this booking is within the next 48 hours, kindly call us on 01494 88 22 99 to make the booking. This ensures that we can check availability and confirm the booking there and then. Thanks


It Runs in the Family

Treat yourself to this infectiously funny farce!

The leading surgeon in London’s most prestigious hospital is about to deliver the lecture of the year to a hall full of the world’s leading doctors. The last thing he wants is for his mistress from 20 years ago to turn up, distraught and desperate to tell him about the result of their union – a baby boy. When she then tells him that the baby boy, now a strapping eighteen-year old, is waiting outside to be introduced, there is only one course of action – get faithful friend Dr. Bonney to take the fall.

The usual outrageous Cooney complications ensue, involving a police sergeant, Dr. Mortimore’s wife, a severe hospital matron and Dr. Bonney’s mother, although why Dr. Bonney has to impersonate both matron and Al Jolson is a matter best left to the show itself…

Come along this October for an evening full of hilarious missteps, confusions and barmy behaviour!

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